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               COMPANY PHOTOS   
          Zhangzhou Zhicheng Electronics CO., LTD also named RISHENG-CLOCK, is a professional manufacturer of quartz clocks, kinds of rotation movements, pendulum movements, advertising pendulum movements. It was established in 1998 with about 8000 square meters of workshop acreage and more than 200 workers.
          We have more than 600 hundred kinds of clocks with different styles and classes and an output of 3,000,000 pieces per year. Our products have been exported to the U.S.A, Japan, Germany, France and so on.
          We make a series of rotation movements, pendulum movements, advertising waving movements and relative parts. There are many kinds of rotating movements with the function to meet the need of watches & clocks, toys and advertisments.
          Our company employs it’s own designers so as to be able to create and develop as per customers’ demands and to meet the needs of the market.
      Our company insists on the management idea of “ Quality first, Credit first, Service first”, and to provide products that possess both good quality yet with a reasonable price.
          Care with the circumstances, advance with the times is the core conception of Zhangzhou Zhicheng Electronics. We will provide best service for customers.
      Address:No.7 Hengyi Road, Longwen Industrial District, Zhangzhou, Fujian, China Post:363000
      Tel:0086-596-2172225 2172226 Fax:0086-596-2172255
      E-mail:clock@vip.163.com Manage